Why choose CTV
Strategic location

Industrial environment


Vitoria Transport Centre is located near Vitoria-Gasteiz, the capital of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country which, in turn, is well-recognised for its industrial importance as one of the major currents of European and international exchange.

All the major sectors of the world economy such as the automotive industry, iron and steel, aeronautics, mass consumer products, etc. have production plants in our community.

This has made CTV the starting point and destination for an enormous flow of goods and the distribution of finished products.

Our location on the Atlantic arc offers unbeatable advantages as a starting point and destination for the transport of goods.

For this reason, CTV can contribute to eliminating the concentration of goods and traffic congestion - all too familiar in northern Europe -, and offer an alternative to the distribution and processing of goods along the Atlantic arc.

Likewise, we should point out that CTV's location is ideal for establishing links between regions in northern and southern Europe as well as being an obligatory passing place for traffic on the Atlantic Peninsular Axis as well as areas along the northern coast of Spain and the centre of the Iberian peninsular.