Why choose CTV
Strategic location

Industrial environment


Vitoria Transport Centre is just 3 km from the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz and about 500 m from the bypass that connects directly to a major junction of state highways including the A-68, A-1, N-1 and N-240. Likewise, the Spanish railways cargo terminal, with direct road links to CTV, is situated on the main Madrid-Irún line and will be the future connection point of the so-called "Basque Y" high-speed train network.

Foronda airport, the third-largest cargo airport on the Iberian peninsular, is just four km away and is also connected to CTV by dual carriageway.

Vitoria Transport Centre completes the intermodal network in northern Spain thanks to its capacity to respond to all the transport and logistics needs of goods in general or specific products. Lastly, its proximity to the Port of Bilbao allows companies operating from CTV to process their goods with a single transport licence.

Moreover, CTV is situated at the epicentre of an industrial environment in which there are large companies representative of the automotive, iron and steel, mass consumer products, aeronautics industries, and so on. Any company operating from the CTV has a large potential market for its products and services.